Our engagements

Every human and business activity faces environmental challenges – especially the automotive industry. We at AIGLON S.A,  faithful to our basic philosophy that is the driving force that defines our history and future, work responsibly to protect the environment in all aspects of our business.

By following a structured approach, we acknowledge our responsibilities and obligations towards the environment, the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders. Thus we have developed and implemented procedures, practices and programs that allow us to:

    • Implement our environmental operating commitments and compliances with the requirements set by applicable laws.
    • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities.
    • Continuously improve our environmental performance.

We focus on:

  • promoting highly efficient and technologically advanced cars with low fuel consumption and emissions.
  • managing our direct and indirect carbon footprint.
  • controlling, reducing and minimizing emissions into the atmosphere.
  • reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency and saving energy and natural resources throughout the life cycle of our services, implementing practices and technologies that reduce pollution and improve our energy efficiency.