Our Company Vision:

  • To have a leading role in the Greek market.
  • To provide quality services reflecting the values ​​of the STELLANTIS Group, to help retain customer loyalty and to consistently generate value at every business level.
  • To have a network of Distributors and Repairers that can offer our Greek consumers complete and quality automotive services and After Sales technical support.
  • To respect people and the environment, through processes and systems with a human-centered character.
  • To ensure that the brands that we represent rank amongst the top manufacturers in pan-European satisfaction surveys.

Our Strategy:

  • To recognize, analyze and meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers.
  • To provide quality services at all points of contact with our Customers, at the right time and at competitive prices.
  • To systematically apply the Operating Standards (SOS) for Sales and After Sales, as stipulated by the STELLANTIS Group.
  • To ensure compliance with the procedures of the Quality Management System through certification in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001.
  • To train and support the network of our Brand Distributors and Repairers in the implementation of the necessary procedures, operational specifications and the Brand systems.
  • To develop a business and competitive mentality with a focus on customer satisfaction in the Company and in our brand network of Distributors and Repairers.
  • To participate in qualitative and quantitative market research focusing on our customers and their satisfaction.